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Aircraft Sales

The most important decision in buying or selling an aircraft is where to place your trust.  Knowledge, experience and information are valuable...attempting the process without them can be expensive.  Our experienced team of professionals will serve as your partner while representing you during the process.  You can feel confident that we will protect your interest from start to finish.  As your trusted partner we only accept compensation from clients who hire us exclusively thereby eliminating any potential conflict of interest.  Value is the final determinate.


Personalized Brokerage Program

  • We understand that we earn our commission by selling, not just listing
  • Extensive survey of the market and competition
  • Assess your aircrafts strengths to tailor a worldwide marketing campaign including professional photos
  • From negotiations to overseeing inspections to finalizing closing details - AirResource Group is dedicated to fulfilling our client's expectations

Aircraft Acquisition

  • AirResource Group is committed to finding the best aircraft for the price
  • Define your requirements and priorities with a needs assessment
  • Cost Analysis
  • Evaluate the options and personally coordinate the purchase process of contracts, inspections, acceptance and closing
  • A major advantage of an Acquisition Agreement is knowing what you are paying for and what you are getting.  We operate on a fixed-fee basis which allows us to pass on any discounts and savings negotiated during the process to our clients.

Market Intelligence
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  • Evaluate current market strengths and weaknesses
  • Aircraft market Trends

Market Place Experts

  • New and Preowned Aircraft Negotiations
  • Purchase Agreement/Contract Analysis
  • Aircraft Valuation/Appraisals with accurate and up-to-date market information
  • Worldwide Network
  • Access to Off-market Aircraft
  • Professional Marketing Program Customized to Showcase Your Aircraft

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